Nextcloud stopped working in pi and usb drive not accessible

Was running nextcloud in raspberry pi 3b for a while using 32GB drive as storage.
The pi stopped working and went into emergency mode.
The usb drive couldn’t be mounted on linux or windows.
Had to disable the nextcloud mount entry in /etc/fstab and pi started to work.
Is there anyway I could recover/fix the usb drive?
Linux disk utility shows this for the usb drive,

Sounds like one of two possible issues.

  1. USB drive failure - Test drive in another computer.
  2. USB failure on the pi - Plug in another USB storage device and try to mount it.

Once you figure out what’s what, you can repair or replace components.

Good luck.

Longtime pi fan. Just switched to pi4. Definitely recommend.

Tried in another computer - both Linux and Windows and it doesn’t mount.
lsblk lists the drive, but doesn’t show any partition or filesystem.