Nextcloud Stable wrongly states a new version is available

Hi, I’m on Nextcloud stable channel and for the second time in a week I get notified that a new stable version is available (15.0.6), I’m currently on 15.0.5 and see only an RC1 for 15.0.6 is available.
Probably something has wrongly been published on or the detection in 15.0.5 version on my end is having a problem?

Version 15.0.6 is officially published, unfortunately the docs have not been updated yet. There is an issue on github regarding this.

So the updater is right, 15.0.6 is available as stable release.

Ok, thanks!

I have updated to 15.0.7 successfully but the issue is still there, with the following message:

Nextcloud 15.0.7
A new version is available: Nextcloud 15.0.7

Any feedback?
Thank you.