Nextcloud-spreed-signaling issue


We have recently installed nextcloud-spreed-signaling by using this procedure: Setup nextcloud-spreed-signaling standalone server on Ubuntu | morph027_blog

while making call unable to receive calls by recipients, error received at signaling servers are: client.go:303: Error reading from IP: read tcp> use of closed network >

Used apache as a reverse proxy. Signaling servers connects successfully in nextcloud talk settings.

Sometime participants join call but not audio received and then trying to connect: following error i can caught from logs

janus[586273]: [ERR] [sdp-utils.c:janus_sdp_get_codec_rtpmap:763] Unsupported codec ‘none’
[ERR] [dtls.c:janus_dtls_srtp_incoming_msg:870] [5080426427583998] – 1 (srtp_err_status_fail)

Please advice

maybe this is interessting for you:
Easy setup for Nextcloud High performance backend, Signaling & Collabora Office on Debian 11

All setup thanks, I will share procedure in some time what we have followed to make it work.