Nextcloud snappy https - setup

so in a normal install with apache2 on ubuntu I know the https would be configured in the configuration file in:
[/etc/apache2/sites-available/nextcloud.conf] I’m not sure where an equivalent file
would be under a snappy install. since a user needs to get their own certs for https
and they are not provided by nextcloud, I’m thinking this should be configurable.
I would appreciate some direction on this :sunny:

Maybe in future versions a UI in the admin panel can set it for snappy versions?

The Snap developers controls your setup, so they would first have to enable TLS support, then give you access to the location of the cert so that you can replace the standard one with your own, then part of the configuration has to be made read-write so that you can tune your config.

So when you select a Snap, pick the one which suits your needs.

mmh so how would I go about picking the snap that suits my needs?

Regularly check the Snap app store and this forum to see if someone releases a different version and check the list of features or maybe the changelog to see if that one better meets your needs.
Hopefully, there will be more choice by the time NC 10 is released.

Also, your data should be pretty safe with the Canonical version, but bear in mind when considering alternatives that you need to re-upload all your data and that if development stops, you’re stuck with something you can’t upgrade yourself.

will Nextcloud be making an official snap?
I’m thinking that at this point it is better to use the Nextcloud version from’s download page.

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@frank @jospoortvliet may know.

I’m not sure if someone is working on a snap yet. But if someone wants to do this then we will have one. :wink:

Guys - there was a Nextcloud snap HOURS after we released Nextcloud :wink:

That’s not the problem @jospoortvliet. It’s an independently created package which doesn’t meet @dude’s requirements. At some point, other Snaps may pop up in the store, be made available elsewhere, etc…, creating some confusion like in any unbridled app store, so @dude would feel “safer” if a Snap was considered an official way of distributing NC, on top of providing archives. Just like there are official clients.

In the mean time @dude, you should add your requests to the tracker of the Snap you use in order to influence its development.

Yesterday i’ve installed nextcloud - snap package (ubuntu mate 16.04 32bit) and it was the easiest thing to do, one line in terminal and after install i could log in (create admin account first of course) and use it. Everything worked “out of the box” except i cannot get a preview of an image. Neither ones that were there as examples neither ones that i have uploaded but if they were shared/dowloaded they were shown properly. So is this and nextcloud issue , snap maintainers or maybe mine :slight_smile: ?

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Yap! Agree its super easy!!
Never have to deal with XYZ packages in synaptic anymore…
Being a noob for web servers, it’s really killing me trying all the right server or database packages and not to mention its plugin’s packages.

It’s a known issue. The maintainer knows about it. A fix has been proposed and one day it may get fixed :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info.

A fix has been proposed and one day it may get fixed

That’s a little disingenuous, oparoz. The proposed fix was a 800+ line pull request that also made several other changes that held it up. Make a PR that fixes exactly this issue and it’d be accepted very quickly.

That’s not the fix I’m referring to. That large PR was well documented and mostly config files. Its goal was to fix many problems with PHP, quickly, and to make it easier for developers to work on snaps (since participation was almost zero) and on PHP by using standard file locations and configurations, for those coming from the web hosting industry. I offered to break it down, but first the issues of where to put user-configurable config files had to be solved and and agreement was never reached. We’ve re-launched the collaboration and are taking a different approach now and hopefully it will attract more developers.

The solution I’m referring to is here: and never made it to a PR.

Just to bring this conversation to a close, the snap has gained HTTPS support, with the ability to utilize self-signed or Let’s Encrypt certificates. See nextcloud.enable-https -h for more information.