NextCloud Snap install and LDAP Auth Support

We are currently running

NextCloud 12.0.4
Ubuntu 16.04

PHP and Apache unknown

Here is my dilema, this was installed by another party using some information on a digital ocean howto. PHP doesnt seem to be installed, apache doesnt seem to be installed, and nextcloud was installed using snap. With that being said, I can see apache and php in the snap directory, but I am unsure how to verify versions or anything within snap (very new to snap).

I attempted to use sudo -u www-data php occ -V to view the version of next cloud, but my system says sudo: php: command not found.

anyway, nextcloud seems to work about 98%, and I was attempting to add LDAP support to utilize our directory for auth purposes. I have tested on the command line with ldapsearch, and the connect and bind works properly, as well as the return of the data.

Configuring the same settings in the LDAP/AD integration page within next cloud fails with the same message about the requirements not met, base DN seems to be wrong. Again, this is the same base DN i used to test on the CLI. Anyway, the log has the following message repeated over and over again…

Configuration Error (prefix s01): login filter does not contain %uid place holder.
Configuration Error (prefix s01): Not a single Base DN given.
Configuration Error (prefix s01): No LDAP Login Filter given!|

So I’m beginning to get the feeling that this is a messed up implementation of next cloud, so if anyone has any suggestions or pointers , I’m all ears.