Nextcloud Snap failes after upgrading to latest version

We are having a problem accessing our files on UI after upgrading to 26.0.2snap1 and 26.0.3snap1, files exist in S3 bucket though, but not sure what is causing it.

I did OCC scan, and it returns 0 files/folders however UI is showing one file only from all files and folders we have.

Do you have any idea how we can fix it?

What do your Nextcloud logs show?

Also, is S3 mounted as Primary Storage or External Storage?

What version of NC (or the NC snap) were you running prior to the upgrades?

Which NC logs should I look for?

Yeah S3 is primary storage

NC Snap auto-refreshed to the latest versions, it was working on older one (25) but failed since upgraded to 26.0.2snap1