Nextcloud snap "cant upload big files"


Ive been using nextcloud for a few years now, but currently migrating to a new “server”.
Been configuring nextcloud, but cant figure out any way to edit the php.ini file.
I can’t update nexctloud to accept bigger files and to just accept to upload them.

i’ve installed nextcloud as snap, using the latest version.
I really tried anything that i can find on the internet, even tried chatgpt.

Can anyone please help me, cuz this isn’t working anyway.

Best regards, Jeffrey.

Depending on how you’re uploading, you may be using chunking it which case the changes you’re exploring will be mostly irrelevant.

In any case, the default is 16GB in the Snap I believe. And with chunking you will not need more than 10MB even for files that >16GB. If not using a chunking capable client, however, 16GB would be the limit there.


Are you getting an specific error message?

Other possibilities that are trickier are timeouts, which can hit differently for different people (and at different times) because of network latency and throughout uniqueness.

Also, do you have a reverse proxy in front? The limits tend to be places like that since the Snap is meant to be relatively ready to go out of the box.

Thanks for your answer, i really appreciate that you took the time to write it down for me!

Currently i switched from a snap to a normally more difficult installation of nextcloud.
As i have installed nextcloud on an Hyper-V virtual machine running ubuntu, using an Dell R430 as server.
I searched on the internet for an Pre-Setup Nextcloud VM, which i found the following website: Nextcloud VM – T&M Hansson IT AB .
The installation was pretty much straight forward and now i’m finally able to make the necessary changes.
I ran Nextcloud on Truenas Core before, have to mention that i never ran into this kind of things earlier on.

Yes i run an proxy server NGINX, i have to use this because of the point i had to run 2 nextcloud instances, but they are running pretty smoothly right now.
I first configured the nextcloud vm’s locally, later on i configured NGINX and cleared most of the errors and u.i. speed problems. Then enabled the Http2 option, which runs pretty smooth now!

Yet again i have to say that i really but for real really appreciate that you took the time to write an answer down! Thanks bud!

Greetings Jeff.

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I’m glad to hear you landed in a good spot! Thanks for the update.