Nextcloud slow AF after migration from ownCloud

Hey everyone.

I made the big step yesterday and after a lot of reading, I migrated to Nextcloud latest edition, coming from ownCloud latest edition.

The problem is that Nextcloud is now slow AF :-/. Not sure why. There is no error log, but loading the files and settings is working like 10x longer then OC.

Does anyone know whats happening maybe? Is there an official bug reported maybe?

Thank you very much peeps!

Hello Mario,
what do you mean by “slow AF”, can you be more precise ? are you using the sync client ?
more questions :

  • what was your OC version ?
  • did you update only NC or also OS, PHP, web server, … ?



Thanks for your help.

I am making a clean install of NC 10 now. Just to see if everythings gonna work just fine.


And here we are :slight_smile:

Clean installation and it works perfectly. Yeeey :slight_smile:

I also noticed my nc instance to be rather slow after migrating form owncloud, when comparing to fresh nextcloud instance. Could you be more specific as @Guillaume said. Maybe we have similar issue here.

Currently on a clean installed version. Its so fast… now its faster then OC 9 that I was before.

I made the upgrade as descibed on the tutorials here. Did everything exactly as it said and the funny part was, everything was working, but it was just SLOW. No CPU overload, no encryption problems, no Apache cpu over… nothing, everything in backend looked just fine, but it was SLOW af…

Sry, I think I cant help you more :-/