Nextcloud shows already deleted emails

Hello all,

I have a Nextcloud 27 installed on my system. Everything is working fine except for the email app. I have a server with Mailcow on which I access my mail via IMAP. I access the mail via Nextcloud (web), via Outlook (PC) and via Android smartphone. Outlook and smartphone work very well. If I delete one or more emails via Outlook or smartphone, they are still displayed in Nextcloud, even the click on refresh does not help. I have been searching for weeks to find a solution. Unfortunately without success. As a workaround, the deletion of the cache is often described, but a daily deletion of the cache is unfortunately no solution.

Do you know the problem, has it possibly already solved someone?
About help I would be grateful :slight_smile:

Best regards

Your posting is related to Old mails deleted on other clients still show up as unread in Mail, when opened "Not found" · Issue #8223 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub , or?

We stay at GitHub and I will close here.

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