Nextcloud showing old data after power failure

Hey folks,

i witnessed some strange behavior with my nextcloud installation after a short power failure.
I am using nc in docker on ubuntu 18.10.
After the power failure, the nextcloud container started again (as expected) and i could access it via the web frontend, as well as the android app. However…i discovered, that the data nc was showing me (files, folders and so on) is about a year old. Everything i put into nc since then seems to be gone. Since i have backups…this is not a big problem, but i would be interested if someone experienced this already, and how to prevent it in the future. It is almost as if some kind of backup was restored or something?

Any help / ideas would be very much appreciated.

thanks grrrwag


It seems that this has been an issue on the host system, and not a nc issue. After i rebootet my server, all data seems to be back. Still don’t know why and how this happened.