NextCloud Sharing Path App not working

Hi. I got a problem with the Sharing Path app for NextCloud. I usually use it to embed videos on my wordpress site and it was working well until yesterday: the embed section says “(site url) refused to connect” even if the embed source url is working fine. Can someone help me? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. I think we need more details. Do you have screenshots or a logfile. Also you can use the developer browser option F12 and network analysis. Perhaps you can find not loaded parts of HTTP-requests.

I’ll try with developer tools. Meanwhile, let me try to better explain the problem: usually, when I paste the sharing path link in a embedding block of a wordpress page, it loads the iframe correctly. This time, pasting the link generates the message “ refused to respond” and nothing more. Instead, if I paste the link in the browser url field, it loads the video without any problem.
I’ll give u a response with the results of the developer tools asap.

I hope this thread is still open.

Did you make any nextcloud-updates? Did you set any Content-Security-Policy headers?

I think we updated the Nextcloud version