Nextcloud sharing function blocked by addblock

not sure if this should be a bug, I have only found one other item in here on addblock, so I thought I add it, in case somebody else looks for it.

My Server:
Nextcloud 18.0.1, on MariaDB, Apache, PHP 7.4

My Browser:
Firefox 68.5.0esr on Devuan ascii.

I observed, that when I log into my nextcloud in the browser, and I have the addblock function to surpress social media sharing buttons active, then the sharing tab for files in nextcloud is never shown. Only the activity, comments, chat, and versions tabs are shown.

As I went through a full nextcloud server reinstall before discovering the cause of my issue, and googling the issue did not yield anything, I hope this entry can pinpoint others in the right direction. Possibly this is a bug and someone affiliated with nextcloud development wants to pick it up…

Do you use the apps social sharing via … (e.g. ?

nope. (i checked my install, none of them are active)

this even occurred on a completely fresh install (=new folder in the webserver directory, new Database, downloading the 18.0.1 zip, extraction and initial config).
So I guess it should be fairly reproducible, unless my client-browser/addblock combination is somehow goofy… although, that install is less than half a year old…

Workaround is of course fairly simple, white-list your nextcloud-server-url in addblock…

Ok, there have been similar issues before and they tried to fix it (e.g. So if you submit a new bug report, they could something to for the next update.