Nextcloud Sharing broken by Adblock Plus

Sharing dots (to manage shared user capabilities) are hidden when having Adblock Plus enabled.
Nextcloud 15.0.8

set an exception for your site in ADB

Sure first thing I did… but lot’s of clients have a adblocker installed and this is in general maybe a potential source of error… I reported it so this may get fixed as many people using projects like nextcloud may have a adblocker on by default!

Maybe at nextcloud they could see what is triggering the adblocker and avoid using that keywords.

it would be nice if you would post the link to your issue here… so that we have a reference here on the forum.

I reported it here. What issue? You mean on github?

aww. i got that wrong… i thought you referred to github when you said you reported it…
of course this is not the right place to report bugs… you should do that on github.