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i installed via snap a brand new Nextcloud server (Nextcloud 15) on a clean Ubuntu 18.04 Server.
The hard drive only has 10 Gb.

I got a bit carried away and uploaded too many files to my server. I got a warning that it was full. I deleted some big files.

The next day, when i tried to connect to the server, i get an info that the server can’t be reached.
After connecting by SSH, i see that the 99,8% full.

When i run “sudo nextcloud.occ -V”, i get the following reply “cannot create temporary directory for the root file system: No space left on device”

I tried to delete some files, but i can’t find where the Files are.
I don’t have a /var/www folder, but i do have a /snap/nextcloud/ folder.
On this folder there are 3 folders, one called current and 2 others with numbers as names.

How can i get my server to run again?
Can i delete or move one or both of those folders named with numbers?

Thank you very much!

Try going into the Deleted files page in the web interface and deleting some files, or if you can delete enough files to run the occ command, you can delete files from the Trash bin using occ.

Hm. If occ even is not able to run just with option -V, it also probably can’t be used to cleanup the trashbin.

You probably need to delete files manually. The data folder in a snap installation is a subfolder of this directory (called data or nextcloud-data, don’t know exactly for snap):


Inside the data folder you will find folders of all usernames. In each users directory there is a folder called files, where you will find uploaded files. Delete some of them to free up space and let Nextcloud scan the datadirectory for changed content with:

sudo nextcloud.occ files:scan --all

If that works you will also be able to empty the trashbin with:

sudo nextcloud.occ trashbin:cleanup

Good luck!

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I managed to remove the files and restart nextcloud.

Thank you very much for the help!