Nextcloud server not accessible from work


I have a nextcloud box and I don’t have any problem with it so far. My friend wants to access it from her work, but the server is blocked (“Non authorized access”). My guess is that they prevent access to my server, but I don’t understand why. The error displayed is (translated):

Non authorized access (content_filter_denied)
The filter of the blocked category: ‘Dynamic DNS; undefined’ doesn’t allow the access to the website [myserver] from a computer at [workplace]

So it’s related to Dynamic DNS, and I was wondering whether I could change some parameter somewhere to fix that or should we contact the sysadmin of the company ?

Note that the company has sensitive data, but allows access to gmail, dropbox, etc… (which makes me think that there might be a parameter that I can change somewhere.


You’ll need to

  1. Contact the company
  2. Try another dynamic DNS service that may not be in the corporate filter

Ok, thanks.

Related to 2. could it be that I don’t have any dynamic DNS set up? In the config page related to dynamic DNS of my home gateway, they are all deactivated. Could it be the reason ?

The hostname you use has been flagged as a dydns service by the company.

ok, so there is nothing I could do but to contact the company ?

This is weird though, my hostname is provided by a major Internet access provider.

A hostname from a provider doesn’t always have to translate back to your home router. Also you have to make sure your home router forwards the traffic to your NextCloud server.

I’m not sure to get what you mean. My home router forwards port 443 and 80 to the nextcloud server (NC box), and I can access my NC server from everywhere I’ve been, including at my work or at someone else place.
My hostname is set on my home router.

Pick it up with the company, we can really only guess what they’re doing.

ok, thanks for your time and replies.