Nextcloud server names (update,addons,...) for firewall policy

Can someone give me a complete list of all nextcloud server names used for updates, downloading addons,… ? I’m limiting outgoing connections from my nextcloud instance and need to add those servers as exceptions.
Looking through the firewall logs doesn’t help much as different IPs are used for the connections so DNS names would be easier.

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I don’t know a complete list and I don’t know if there exists one. You could use a proxy in front to monitor the host names. For apps, I think the store only links to the developers source (not sure if it was changed), so you could only limit connections to apps you want to allow.

Other features (server-2-server) sharing or third party apps (news reader, weather app, …) can also trigger outgoing connections.

Thanks for your reply.
I also thought about monitoring the connections with a web proxy but then I’m not sure if I catch every possible server. What I do want to prevent is opening the firewall completely.

So at the moment I adjust the firewall policy when downloading apps, but thats only a workaround…

I do have the same issue. I don’t want my nextcloud instance to access the internet. The automagic update process on the other hand looks beneficial.

It would be great to have a list of servers…

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I’m glad that I’m not alone with this request :slight_smile: