Nextcloud server https stopped working

Hi, My server https suddenly stopped working, Looks like it’s an Apache issue that I have no experience in troubleshooting. Can someone please assist and guide to what and where to check? I can’t access the server on the web browser. but the server is up and synchronization is working normally.

It is possible that your Let’s Encrypt certificate expired, assuming that is what you use. They must be renewed every three months, which is easy to automate with cron. Check against your https certificate authority. Without more info I don’t know what else to offer. Good luck!

I renewed the SSL cert, yet the https is still not working

without any more infos we can’t really help.

it’s like calling a random servicestation asking them: my car doesn’t run. what can i do?

I’m sorry I don’t have experience with the apache server troubleshooting. If you need me to run a troubleshooting or debug commands. Please let me know.
Also I’m ready for troubleshooting session and share my screen. This is very critical and I truly appreciate any help given

We are volunteers so stay cool.

Please post your nextcloud.log
check apache log for errors
detail your actual https setup
walk us through steps before it broke.

technical detail is king

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