Nextcloud Server Github Tags vs. Releases

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I do have a question about the difference about the nextcloud server github tags vs. release.

Today I can see at Release v29.0.2 · nextcloud/server · GitHub that version v29.0.2 is available as tag.

At Releases I see that v29.0.1. is the latest available release and there is no v29.0.2. available under releases:

So please does anyone know the difference between releases and tag and can I upgrade to from release v29.0.1 to tag version v29.0.2?

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I do not know the reason. But today there is a new release Nextcloud 29.0.2 . Maybe the reason. I have just updated my beta and stable test system.

What a strange question. If the Germans from nextcloud gmbh have their own website, then why do you think that they are obliged to first post their work on a resource that is politically dependent on the United States? :rofl:
I have a hypothesis: the official nextcloud website does not deal with regional blocking and restrictions that github practices. Therefore, it’s probably better to post your news on your website. :star_struck:

I found Todos before a release.

Tag is a feature provided by git.
Release is a feature from GitHub on top of git tag.
I guess it’s an oversight that no release was created for 29.0.2.

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The best source for the release dates is: Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub

And if something is unclear, our updater_server repo: GitHub - nextcloud-releases/updater_server: 🔂 The updater server keeps you informed about new Nextcloud updates

Meanwhile, I created the missing release.

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