Nextcloud server down - created new one but need forms data

Appreciate any help with pulling some data from the Nextcloud Forms app.

Nextcloud permission were screwed up and can’t start the Jail in TrueNas. Most data was backed up but don’t know how to recover the Forms App data. It wasn’t exported to any CSV. Is there are default location I can look in to see if we can recover it? I appreciate any help with this. I’m fairly new to Nextcloud.

This was the APP : Forms - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

So I tried changing the name in the config file and nextcloud wouldn’t load the interface unfortunately. In the migration tutorial, I need to backup the SQL. When i try to use the MYSQL dump I get a password error. any ideas?

Note* pulled username and password on notes from installation notes
root@nextcloudweb:/ # mysqldump --single-transaction -h nextcloud -u dbadmin -pLeNOaQICi8ZK3dLJ nextcloud > nextcloudbkp Enter password: mysqldump: Got error: 2005: Unknown MySQL server host ‘nextcloud’ (0) when trying to connect

You are NOT getting a password error but an error because the used host name “nextcloud” cannot be resolved and therefore a connection to the database cannot be established. Use a valid host name or the ip address of your server on which your database is running and make sure that the user is allowed to access it on that name/address :wink: