NextCloud Server doesn´t have internet connection

Good afternoon,
We have installed in our company a NextCloud server but since we have a Ramsomware attack this server has ot internet connection.

It is not running Welcome mail sending or updates posibillity.
But the server itself has internet connection as you can see in the image below.
So it is not a FW problem, it looks like a configuration issue…
I may say that I didn´t configure NextCloud and this is totally new for me…
If someone can help me please.
thank you very much in advance
Best regards

Please, can anyone help me?

I can only recommend to use the search function here. I remember that topic has been discussed several times.

Could be that cURL cannot access the internet. The source of that problem could be that cURL is not able to use SSL connections properly. Could also be a time issue - you should check if the server is using the correct time (could lead to certificate check errors).

Check your logs for cURL and SSL and time errors/warnings.

Best would probably be to ask the one who configured this instance.