NextCloud Server Commercial Use

Hi all,

As I am planning the build our self-host NextCloud server for around 100 - 200 people in my company. I would like to know it’s permit to use it for free? Any limitations? Thank you so much!


Hi @StevenS,
I think there is no limitation but with nextcloud entreprise, you have a specific support.
see this : Pricing – Nextcloud
faq – Nextcloud

Thank you for our reply. That means if I don’t need the official support then it’s free for commercial?

@StevenS, yes it is free for company if you don’t want official support

See this page : Are you an enterprise or private user? 8 ways to get help for any Nextcloud matter! – Nextcloud

Note that of course, every company can set up a Nextcloud instance for free, as mentioned above. Yet, the best way to maintain your business’ File sync and share solution is through Nextcloud Enterprise services.

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@Mageunic Great. Thank you so much for your reply

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