Nextcloud Security Scan

I’m trying to use the Nextcloud Security Scan, but I always get this error:
“Scan failed! The scan for the specified domain failed. Either no Nextcloud or ownCloud can be found there or you tried to scan too many servers.”

I’ve even tried to put in a demo I made using the Nextcloud site but even then I get this error.

My domain is My demo Nextcloud instance is

I tried using different URLs for the task(with/without HTTPS), but I keep getting the error. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


The scanner has been nonfunctional for quite some time. I am not sure about the future and asked to stop advertising it:

any news?
@jospoortvliet @LukasReschke

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It’s been fixed.

Great to hear that :heart:

And glad to see, that my instances have almost no vulnerabilities listed, except for one, wich i will update soon.

It was a bit of a strange thing that this site was defunkt for so long, but i´m glad again to see that you guys are working constantly to improve things and not let issues behind, even if it takes some time sometimes.

Keep up the great work.

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