Nextcloud search can find related text but can't go to that location?

I hope this makes sense.
When I use the search nextcloud I can’t go to that location that it finds.
For example: I search for “install masternode to a directory”. I see a list of things that was discussed in the TALK app. I click any of those but it only takes me to the TALK current session and not the location of that particular chat text.

Like with Discord you search, see the list same as nextcloud but you can click and it takes you there so you can see what you were talking about prior.
I get a list just like on discord of related text chat.

Please advise

Hello everyone

I have the same problem and can’t find a solution. “Search” finds what you are looking for, but the corresponding message is never called up.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any help or instructions on this anywhere.

Who can help? We urgently need this function, we have chats with several 1000 messages.

The URL ends with /call/xdxxxg8#message_4438, but does not show up this message.


Mine is working now. I’m not sure exactly but maybe I just needed to reboot the server.

I search for a term and everything comes up, notes, talk app references etc.
Takes me to notes, or talk references, documents etc.

Try to change the search filter option, but you should see every referenced search with relevance.

If that search term is in files names with that term, or contacts etc. Everything should show up with a Title for each section that it appear in.

Clicking the item takes me there as it should. I don’t know exactly why but I assume a reboot of the server helped because I didn’t change anything.