Nextcloud save photos automatically

Hello hello,
dear Nextcloud Support!
I have a little question about the automatic upload of photos.
I have activated the automatic upload, but it takes to long to upload the photos automatically.

If you’re talking about the Android app, I think it defaults to uploading over wifi only. Were you connected to wifi when you tested?

It ONLY upload new files. “New” means after you’re connected to NC server. Old photos need manual intervention.
I tried webdav approach but failed.
Finally, I use a ftp software to download those Old photos to PC. Then, upload them thru browser to NC server.

Or go into the app, open the folder where you want to put existing pictures, click the Plus button, then the Up button, and choose the files from your local storage to upload. That is probably the easiest way from the phone if you already have the Nextcloud app.