NextCloud SAML with Keycloak

Hi there,

I am trying to use NextCloud SAML with Keycloak. I used this step by step guide:

Everything works, but after the last redirect I get:

Your account is not provisioned, access to this service is thus not possible.

I followed the traffic with SAML-tracer in Firefox and username, email and roles are transmitted. What fields are missing?
How to get more information why it fails?


Have you created the user in Nextcloud first? Are username (and emailaddress) of the user in Keycloak and Nextcloud the same? The user will not be “autocreated” during the first login but you need to set it up manually.

At least the way I set it up, because I did not want to have every user on my Keycloak have access to my Nextcloud.

I am trying to set up nextcloud with keyclock as well today but my issue is i can’t find the app on the store even if i search for it .
Also the above link doesn’t work and neither does for me.
What could be the issue ?

Sorry for highjacking your thread.