NextCloud - S3 External - Data Transfer

Hello, I am testing nextcloud with S3 external storage from my self hosted home lab.

All my data is 95% md files and the total storage is under 5gb … not a lot. But I am keen to store this data off prem on the S3 bucket.

What I am keen to understand is the nextcloud s3(aws) data transfer relationship. The data size is low sub 5gb, but I do not want nc to continue scanning all the time and push data to s3 that is not needed as the data is already on the external store. But I am seeing quite a bit of data transfer and that is not making this a good sync solution.

Can anyone share thoughts, tips or setup examples to avoid the continual data transfer?

thanks all…

Hi @rivers1980

I’m not an expert when it comes to Object storage. But I don’t think you can do much about how Nextcloud behaves with S3 as a storage backend. Maybe you can look at the relevant code on GitHub and suggest improvements, if there is room for such. If not, I would recommend using local storage and only do backups to said S3 bucket.

I think you are correct, sync local then have a job to push to S3 once a week / day etc… thank you !

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