Nextcloud running on Truenas using a static ip


I have Nextcloud running on Truenas that is set up using a static IP. I have put Nextcloud in a NAT and have NAT forwarding on. I can access my Nextcloud only by using If I try to access it by using it redirects to my Truenas login screen. I have Nginx Proxy Manager running in a VM and from my understanding, it should set up any time is used it will redirect to the but without the port on the end of the URL.

I am very new to this and am trying my best but after a couple of weeks of troubleshooting, I have thrown in the towel.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! If there is any information needed I will try my best to provide it.

Automatic redirection of traffic on port 80 to 443 can be accomplished in different ways.

For example, when installing the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, it will ask you if you want redirect traffic from port 80 to 443… Or it can be done manually (different for Apache2 and nginx)…

Just one question: how do you plan to access the TrueNAS login page after the redirection has been enforced?

Sorry for the late response, I am using 443 as the port just for visual but I have a different HTTPS port that I am using. So from my understanding can’t I access the TrueNAS login via the exact static IP? Also, I was thinking of having on a separate port than the Nextcloud port because I believe I can set up the TrueNAS portal on new ports than just 80 and 443. My main goal really is to get rid of the port number in the url so instead of typing, I want to type to make it easier for others using the server.