Nextcloud running like a 'dead dog' when mounted on a Mac (VM on QNAP)

OK, I got help from this group and paid for professional instalation of NXC onto QNAP using VM. All good.

Now using it, I have mounted the server link onto the Mac machine for ease of accessing it.
It’s running like a ‘dead dog’ 30-40 seconds to access each folder, is there an easier way or better way of mounting nextcloud to access folder easily. Thanks in advance

not many details so far… and no experience on MacOS from my side- so just guessing:

  • try looking if there is any difference when you use WebUI
  • if this is fluid then the problem is related to your client…

When using client is normal and acceptable. It’s when I’m using the WebDAV mounted link.

I’m not hugely technical. But can I mount SMB. I’ve tried using my IP but no joy.

You prefer a WebDAV connection to the macOS client "for ease of accessing?
WebDAV is definitely slower but works OK here on High Sierra…

When I say at ease, I also mean, the only one I know of. If there’s another way that’s straightforward to do, I’m open to it. We are using 2 x macs on BigSlur

What about the native macOS desktop client?

Yes I have this but this is just a synch solution. It also means the data is still on the laptops. (Risk of data being stolen).

But Id there’s a way to share then yes

Many thanks

Understand that one of the other issues I’ve been having is space, turns out it was to do with ZFS snapshots, and there’s an option to stop this, anyone know how?