Nextcloud & Rocketchat integration

Hello everyone,

  • I’m trying to integrate Nextcloud v17.0.3 & Rocketchat v2.4.11, both of them
    installed on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS by snap.

  • Configuration configured on Nextcloud server:
    1- External user authentication App has been downloaded and enabled from this
    path /settings/apps/integration.
    2- The bellow section already added to /nextcloud/config/config.php as the
    following instructions.
    ‘user_backends’ => array(
    ‘class’ => ‘\OCA\User_External\WebDAVAuth’,
    ‘arguments’ => array(‘’),
    3- Get the WebDav url:

  • Configuration configured on Rocketchat server:
    1- Going into Administration -> Webdav Integration and set the Webdav Integration Enabled setting to true.
    2- Fill all needed information as follwing.
    3- There is an error message appears at the top right of the screen, how can it

  • Also the error message inside logging is here:

Try generating a one-time password in Nextcloud under Admin (Top Right of screen) / Settings / Security. That might allow you to login to

Are both your and Nextcloud instances already fully functional? Just checking.

Thanks for your relpy. I generated a one-time password but it not worked.
About and Nextcloud instances, yes it already fully functional

Hmm, I’d post a link to this thread on under their support room.

Thank you so much.