Nextcloud Roadmap for Home Users


I’ve been using a Nextcloud Box since its introductory launch. (It’s a pity that no Shenzhen outfit stepped up to take the baton from WD Labs - sad on many fronts, especially the brains at WD Labs but that is another story). I cannot say enough nice things about the solution even though my usage is constrained by only one active user and many, many RPi, Ubuntu and, of course, some Windows boxes - truly a setup & forget solution for my needs.

I keep the box current with quarterly update/upgrade and image backup. Everything works cleanly (as advertised)!

My inquiry is more around the strategic roadmap for the Home user. Is this solution going to be supported for the next few years? (in the event future Raspbian images need tweaks or the user needs a higher capacity hard drive :grinning:).


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You use NextcloudPi ( Or the snap packages? Such projects are community based and could be discontinued which could be also the case for some apps, if there are not enough developers. However, the basic Nextcloud will always run on plain Linux systems such as Raspbian.

For better performance, you might prefer a slightly better hardware (there are other inexpensive ARM boards)…