Nextcloud & Reverse Proxy using docker

Hey guys,
am running docker with nextcloud 18.01 behind proxy reversed letsencrypt. So far so good. Its running smoothly. Im only struggeling with the apps which are not working. I get stuck at the login screen after allowing access with the account specified. I checked the following site for reverse proxy settings:

I tried those and it worked afterwards. Francly i also would like to access my nextcloud instance locally via its ip address given by the nextcloud docker container. So just working without and around letsencrypt and its nginx. When adding the settings listed above the address gets overwritten. Is there an elegant way to solve my problematic situation?

I would love to hear from you guys regarding any help what so ever. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Hi Thomas126
please post some more information (config files!) so one can imagine what’s the setting.