Nextcloud remote access

I live in a dorm which has a server that distributes the internet access in our rooms. I installed nextcloud on a raspberry pie 4 and tried forwarding the ports 80 and 443 on my personal router in order to access nextcloud outside the dorm only to realize that port forwarding was blocked. Next thing I tried was PiVPN which also did not work. My last hope was which after installation didn’t work either. If anyone has any idea that could work would be amazing. Since I’m new in the world of networking I don’t know what information you need from me, so please be patient :slight_smile:

P.S. For the installations of nextcloud, PiVPN and I’ve used mainly YouTube tutorials.

I think there are more instances of routers. You can not for use ip-forwarding because your internal router as no world wide ip-address. Check your router intern and extern ip and look your world wide ip with e.g.

If you really want use your pi from extern you need a system on the internet. then you can use e.g. remote port forwarding for access from intern to internet and in this tunnel back from internet to your intern network.

Thanks for the quick answer! How would I acquire such system on the internet? Do you have any suggestions for a (if possible free) and easy solution?

Read No way to forward ports

I would use ssh remote port forwarding.
The author of the thread above use “ngrok”.
I never used it.

Other alternatives (also not tested):

Perhaps there is something similar to tun/coturn for voip for https-services.
You need someone in the internet to manage your communication.

Thanks a lot ill give the ssh remote port forwarding a go