Nextcloud Raid 1


I wanted to know is it possible to use Raid 1 with nextcloud and how.
Do we just need to setup the raid 1 on ubuntu install?

Thank you very much.

NC doesn’t care about the type of storage, you’re putting your data folder on. Just setup your desired type of storage and have NC place the data folder on it. That’s all.


I also recommend using ZFS. Though you’ll have to brush up a bit on the Linux implementation, I find it subpar compared to officially supported OSes like FreeBSD and Illumos distros. Though, it still works great for a RAID 1 setup and scrubbing is great for checking data integrity and correcting any possible errors that might come from corruption that n HDD may cause. But yeah Nextcloud doesn’t care what your storage setup is like

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2nd ZFS. I manage 48TBs with it on Ubuntu no issue, but MDADM would suffice with RAID1 also

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I am running our NC on CentOS7 with ZFS on a 196 TB storage…
Nothing beats ZFS, imho.

What about btrfs? I am thinking about using btrfs with RAID1.

Do you run it with ECC RAM?

@Chris1 Yes, I am running that with ECC RAM. It is running on a 36 slot Supermicro server an I couldn’t lift it alone when all the drives we inserted… :wink:

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NextcloudPi already uses btrfs (not as RAID as far as I know). Check a bit the experience of others with that option in your operating system. I think there were still a few issues regarding RAID 5/6.