Nextcloud provider + subversion

I am using Nexcloud in various projects.
Now I have a customer who wants to switch to Nextloud but also wants to user subversion.
Is there a provider who can offer me this?

Can you be me more specific what your goal is? Nextcloud and Subversion are two separate things.

Can they be installed on the same server? Sure but you need a VPS or a physical server with root access if you want to do that.

Can Nextcloud and Subversion interact together? No, or at least not in a meaningful way. They are designed for different use cases and different workflows.

Are there SaaS offers for Nextcloud? Yes.

Are there SaaS offers for Subversion? Probably.

Are there providers that offer both on the same server with a single account? Probably not.

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Thanks for your fast response.
I am aware that I am asking for two independent
things here.
And I yes there is no interaction between
a Nextcloud service and a subversion service.
It looks like I need to setup my own system here.