Nextcloud problem after upgrading form 13.0.6 to 14.0.1

We are having trouble with several nextcloud accounts after upgrading to Nexrcloud version 14.0.1 for Nextcloud version 13.0.6
Although their files are in place, the files do not show up in web or synchronize with the client.
We get the error “This directory is unavailable, please check the logs or contact the administrator”
We are looking for someone to help. The budget is around 100€.

Looks like an app is disabled which have to be enabled. I had a similar issue after upgrading to NC 14, and disabling/re-enabling solved it.

I think this topic solves your issue.

You are right, thank you.
I had to delete the records with the relevants fileid from oc_filecache for several users.
I have a question though.
If I rebuild the filecache with occ files:scan --all, will these records reappear?

Great, good question regarding “occ files:scan --all”, it could very well break things again. I’ll be sure not to run than before cleaning the deleted user files. I still need to look into dealing with deleted ldap users, how to best deal with that.

What do you mean by “cleaning the deleted files”.
The files probably exist on the server, so the files:scan method will rebuild the filecache.
Do I have to actually delete the files from the server?

I think so, I will probably start archiving old user files once they become orphaned and clean the database from them some how also. Right now they are just pilling up on my server. I haven’t looked into the possibilities, the best way of dealing with this, though.

Check the occ command:

ldap:show-remnants            shows which users are not available on
                               LDAP anymore, but have remnants in

You can then delete the user manually.