Nextcloud Plus image of Banana Pi compatibility

Hello, I would like to buy a Banana Pro (by Lemaker), which has more or less the same hardware than Banana Pi board.

And it seems that an image of Banana Pi is available. Do you think this should work as they share the same CPU/GPU/components ?

How does the image work ? You just burn it to the SD card, then it’s OK ?

Thank you very much for your help.

I do not know right now if it would work. You can try the Armbian image for the Banana Pi, and see. If that works, the NCP one will also work.

Otherwise, if it is supported by Armbian, we can generate an image for you if you are willing to verify that it works ok every one or two months.

If all fails, you can install any Debian 9 and use the curl installer, or docker.

Thank you @nachoparker, finally I have bought a Rock64, I think the hardware is much better than the Banana Pi.

I agree!! :smiley:

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By the way, I will use the Rock64 image, which is very convenient. I will use the Video folder to put my self videos, and some Movies I have legally.
I know, it is not your scope, but do you think I can use Kodi to stream from the movie folder ? If yes how and where the index will be done (client or server side) ?

Thank you very much !


Just use NCP support for samba shares: activate SAMBA in ncp-web and you will have your NC data accessible through SAMBA. Set up a kodi SAMBA source to read the content from your NCP cloud.

Works beautifully

There’s a couple articles in if you want more details.

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Thank you so much for your kind help !