Nextcloud & Pico = Erreur interne du serveur

Hi there,
I installed Pico on Nextcloud 18.0.3 and as soon as I try to modify (with sample_pico templates) I get the folowing error in web page

Erreur interne du serveur
La page demandée du site Web n'a pas été créée, le serveur n'a pas pu traiter votre demande.

wich is an error from the server.
So impossible to access web pages

i once had a problem that i couldn’t reach any of my newly created pico-sites.
@PhrozenByte advised me to turn off (at least for the moment) an app called issue template since it’s known to be interfereing with pico-cms in a bad way.
since then my pico-site are online and do work well

How did you edit the If you use the Text-app (default for md-files) it will destry your yaml-header. I use an external txt-editor. As far as I know there is no inbuilt txt-editor that can edit these files.

I did test editing with nextcloud text editor, wich should be ok, otherwise, it won’t be pratical to download the MD file and then upload it in Nextcloud …
I’m going to make some test in NANO and GEDIT (I’m a linuxian ;o))

It’s OK outside nextcloud with a text editor !
Do you know if there’s any other text editor withn nextcloud ?

Unfortunately not, as far as I know. I use the desktop client to sync my files to my computer and can then use any texteditor.

Just found out that there is a new (maybe old but updated) app for this Plain text editor

Maybe you also need the Markdown editor.

Right-clique on the md file and choose Edit in plain text editor

This worked in previous version but was lost but it seems they have fixed it. I like that very much.

Hi there,

I tried "Plain Text Editor within market application and it’s OK since it’s editing plain text ;o)

Many thanks for your help.

Install the Markdown editor as well. This will let you see the result directly.

I didn’t know this app wich is exactly what I need !!! Manu thanks …

I’m goint to test it.
MERCI bien ;o)