Nextcloud Pi image for Banana Pi / Banana Pi Pro


Thank you for your great work with all the nextcloud and nextcloud pi images. And sorry for my bad english.
I have the following problem: I have a Banana Pi Pro with a SATA hard drive and I use the image:

Of course, I know the image is for a banana pi and not for a banana pi pro - but in dire need of the devil eats flies!

The image works too - but I can not copy / install the system to the Sata disk.
With armbian-config -> (System) System and Security Settings -> (Install) Install to / update bootloader I have only one point: (5) install / update the bootloader on on / emmc!
The points are missing: Install on SATA, boot from SD / emmc and the rest.

With the script nand-sata-install I come to the same result, an installation of the system / image on the Sata disk is not possible.

How can I get that? Is there a tutorial?

Is there a possibility of a Nextcloudpi image (DebianBuster) for Banana Pi Pro? How can I build this myself?
The other options via Docker or curl (Debian) failed on my Banana Pi Pro


You should ask that on the Armbian forums.

You should be able to use the curl installer or softy again, since we have fixed a couple things lately.

You should be able to build for the banana pro. Check out nextcloudpi code and run

./ bananapipro BananapiPro

Docker is also an option if your OS supports it


Hey nachoparker,

Thanks for your answer - I’ll test that in the next few days. In the meantime, I made a new attempt with an Ubuntu-armbian image - here the access / installation on the Sata Disk worked immediately without any problems and I installed nextcloud (with nextcloudpi) via docker. However, the complex directory structure of docker takes a lot of getting used to … * aaaaarghhh! *

I will pass on your message to Igor (maintainer) in the Armbian Forum, let’s see what happens.