Nextcloud Pi cooling in Windows @ grandmas

So I’ve done a lot of reading and realize the reasons why nextcloud does not support windows as a server platform much to my pain. Windows would have been perfect as I have a sort of all in one HTPC / home server flexing it’s Steam / Kodi / file serving might. I’m not interested in switching it to linux as it’s primary function is as a full screen gaming PC and while I could fight the good fight to make every game work in linux I just don’t have that time anymore. So I have what works.

The server runs 3 2TB drives in a raid 5 storage space that I use for file storage. Then another 3TB drive for program space. A smaller SSD stores windows and primary programs. I’d like to use that larger RAID as my storage for Nextcloud. I’m just not sure how.

Now I have multiple Raspberry Pi units in my house. Instead of trying to beat a dead horse and make Nextcloud run on windows, could I run Nextcloud in this configuration:

Rpi: Apache & PHP
Windows: MySQL & Drive storage <- I’m running MySQL Already for Kodi so why run two instances and further weigh down the pi?

So I’m sure I’ll catch some flac here. I know how to set up everything but the location of the Nextcloud storage. I can map a SMB share in linux, but how do I tell Nextcloud to use that storage space as it’s storage? Or is this even possible?

Change Data Directory: (german but the commands work)

i would suggest to use a virtual machine. It shouldnt be a problem on a gaming machine and you can backup and recover via snapshots

I had thought of that. I do a lot of work with VM’s in my career. I was a little concerned how well this would work as sometimes it behaves better if you have a second network adapter to dedicate to the VM.

I guess I’ll give that a shot with a lightweight slackware or server ubuntu linux. Thank you for your input.

you dont need to configure much, its seems easy to test a nextcloud environment with that

I think its good if you plan to migrate to a different machine in the future, its easier to move on with a vm in my opinion.