Nextcloud Permissions local hdd on server

My system is ubuntu 22.04 all working fine i have added a local hdd bur\t when i add a folder comes forbidden. nextcloud was install on Snap , and i saw alot of commands but still didnt work. If someone has some spare time to help preaciated

Add a folder where?
What is the precise error message?
How is your “local hdd” mounted on your host system?
What do your Nextcloud logs say about the matter?

I have on my server an hdd that I have mounted, no i went to app and choose external storage. I have configure and located and i got the green very good. That says ok. And the folder show on the next cloud folders. Now if I upload a folder says forbidden. On that hdd that I created only having an issue. Looks like permission I check and search but still didn’t manage

Okay, so it sounds like you’re attempting to use an Local type External Mount.

If you want help, please post the exact error message located in the Nextcloud logs (found under Administration->Logging and/or in the file data/nextcloud.log.

The Snap also runs in a confined environment so that could be creating some problems too for you.

[PHP] Error: opendir(/media/mps/): Failed to open directory: Permission denied at /snap/nextcloud/35878/htdocs/lib/private/Files/Storage/Local.php#154

Yeah probably this.

I have did this still didn’t work I missing something, in the topic I says it has to mount int and i did but there isn’t something in topic related to permission.