Nextcloud permission issues with external hard disk

Hello, I have a problem with the permissions for my external hard drive. I use RP4 for hosting nextcloud and 16GB SD card to boot. I have set up my nextcloud and it is up and running. The problem came was when I wanted to upload files to my external harddisk i was unable to do. I saw multiple help topics on that like created a files folder changed permissions etc but nothing worked for me.

I have even tried chmod 777 but still I’m facing the issue. Can someone from the community help me with the right permissions for external harddisk to upload and download files.

You’ll need to provide specific steps for what you did. Under no circumstances should you change any permissions in the server’s data folder. It sounds like you may have done this already.

Typically your choices would be:

  • Move the entire data folder to the external drive and reconfigure Nextcloud to use it.
  • Mount the external drive using the external storage app and use it as a separate folder.