Nextcloud PDF Viewer - Signature not visible

So anyone have an idea why signatures on PDF documents are not visible when viewing PDF file in the Nextcloud viewer?

When I download PDF file and open in native PDF application, the signature is then visible.

Currently running Nextcloud 15.0.5


Not really a Nextcloud issue. It’s because the signatures are on different layers and the pdf.js component sometimes can’t handle this. Same with CAD PDFs of construction sides with hundereds of layers and objects.

As workaround:

  1. Check process how the PDFs are created
  2. Download PDFs and view in your favorite PDF program
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Thanks for your response. Appreciate the info.


Deu certo aqui, uso na versão NC 21.

Comentei as linhas 30532 até 30536.

Print → Screenshot by Lightshot

Eu nao encontrei essa linha de jeito nenhum, e mesmo assim não aparece as assinaturas, sabe o que mais pode ser? ou o codigo para elas aparecerem?