Nextcloud PDF and White-Paper Download Site is broken

Nextcloud’s download website of whitepapers and examples is broken and not usable due 3rd party requests of Google Captha. At least for me because I am blocking away Google ressources. But even when accessing from an unsafe device it is quite silly to click on annoying pictures on each download (see screenshot)

I suggest to get rid of Google Captchas and offer download directly or at least with one input field for emails and checkboxes for various downloads.

If you know an alternative way of avoiding a massive spam attack, I’d love to hear it. I can’t have invalid email addresses being added there automatically or our emails will be marked as spam and get blocked by all email providers - so the page sure won’t work at all any more…

As this entire website is on github, suggestions can even be given in the form of a pull request, see the source of that page:

Do you have a link please?

somehow i was happy to find the stuff working without any effing captchas… i just was asked to check the checkbox and could download it… Well at least a link was sent to me where i could DL it.

i have several ff-apps running… ghostery, noscript (and abp) so somehow they did the trick for me. aww. and cookies disabled, i guess

Oh, wow, so there’s a way around it… Interesting. And of course that might result in spam soon then :frowning:

Let’s see. In any case, I’d still be very happy with an alternative because I totally hate the Google Captcha, from the bottom of my heart… It’s just that it is the least bad solution we came up with.

i guess it could work “my way” with blocked

no. won’t work. somehow i think it could be due to using abp… or well… i dunno

I still can’t download any whitepaper.
I get the Email but the link inside the email does not work for me. I just get to a page that says something like “Sorry […] contact support”. So I contacted mautic support and after I answered their question about where I got the link from, I never heard from them again (over a week now).

Does it work for you?

Great, nobody cares if this works…

In my case the links in the mail are working, but @jospoortvliet i would remove those email forms of the download page. They are completely useless IMHO.

Thank you for your answer. Good to hear that it works for someone at least.

It’s hard to email people whitepapers if I don’t know their email address :wink:

The downloads should work, at some point it was stuck but I fixed that.

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