Nextcloud Onlyoffice "Firefox is not allowed to load this embedded site"

Hi guys,

I have a Nextcloud and Onlyoffice Document Server running behind a nginx reverse proxy and everything works fine so far. The error.logs are empty :slight_smile: Except there is one problem: if I open a document inside my nextcloud i get “Firefox darf diese eingebettete Seite nicht öffnen” so Firefox isnt allowed to open the embeded site. If I open a document on Firefox for iOS or within the iOS-App everything works fine. So the document server is running and operable.
What I’ve found so far it has something to do with the headers for nextcloud and “add_header X-Frame-Options “SAMEORIGIN” always;” and the trusted sites in the nextcloud config.php. But so far I made no progress… Any hints? Should I post my config here?
Merry Christmas and kid regards :slight_smile:

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