Nextcloud only working 50%, shouldn't be possible in theory

I have nextcloud running on port 80 and 443, forwarded to 8443 and 8080. My website masks my real IP using cloudflare and cloudflare forwards 8443 and 8080 to 443 and 80 respectively.
This has been running smooth since I installed it. However, since yesterday it does not work anymore.
When I visit the website using my Cloudflare-masked website, I get a timed-out error. When I visit nextcloud via my IP address, 8080 does not work at all and 8443 gives me an SSL error (which is to be expected with this configuration mentioned above, it works on Cloudflare, and I have a .dev domain, so I dont have to worry about certificates)

So I have the following scenario: I cant connect using HTTP(S) anymore. It times out constantly.
I installed Nextcloud via snapcraft, and I tried apachectl -t, refreshed it using snap, restarted, stopped, started, nothing works.
I host my nextcloud on a VM, so I never touch it, or reboot it, it suddenly just stopped working.
I did try rebooting it now, since it failed. It did not help me.

The strange part is:
Every time that my server starts up, I get a notification on my phone with something along the lines of “do you want to share your experience with nextcloud?”. When I try to restart my nextcloud now, I get the notification! My server is not working but I do get notifications on my phone.
Does anybody have an idea what I can do?
College starts soon and I need my documents.