Nextcloud only visible on local network

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.4)
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): Ubuntu Server 22.04.3

Hey guys, I’m very new to Linux, so I’m struggling quite a bit trying to make nextcloud accessible outside my local network. My main goal here is just to create a local private cloud for my videos and pictures, while syncing with my phone.

I’m currently in Kubuntu and running nextcloud on a VMware Workstation with Ubuntu server (the network connection is set to Bridged)

Here the things get kinda messy for me, because I don’t really understand a lot about networking :confused:

  1. So this is the IP of the VM with Nextcloud installed. It is accessible in my local network with HTTP

  2. I pay extra for my internet provider to have a fixed IP

  3. I also bought a cheap domain that I’m pointing to my fixed IP

My issue here is that my domain doesn’t work the way it should, my NC instance is only accesible with it’s own local IP

I’ve also opened 443 port on my router (many places say that I should also open port 80, but my internet provider won’t allow this, because they say that they use that port for troubleshooting when necessary)

When I try to access my domain name, I just an error, saying that this site can’t be reached.

I know those questions may be basic but I’m stuck on this for 3 days now :confused:

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!

Do you find any access attempts in the /var/log/< webserver > /access_log?
Did you add your domain name to the Nextcloud’s config.php
Please find the nessary infofation here:

I was able to solve it by redirecting to another port. THanks.

I can totally relate to the people who struggle with this, it’s not an easy process at all