Nextcloud only manaegd by Admins

Hello together,

We would like to administrate our OnPremisse Nextcloud in such a way that the normal user is no longer allowed to create folders and groups independently.
Furthermore, the Nextcloud client may no longer be used.

Now my question: How to implement this?
I have already looked at “File access control”, but that doesn’t seem to cover all my requirements.
Which way can I go here. So the Nextcloud should be managed exclusively by us admins…

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From a nextcloud point of view, with such restrictions, one can no longer speak of “normal users”. You should rather create guest accounts with the appropriate restrictions:

   App-Id          guests
   App-Name        Guests
   Summary         Create guest accounts for easier collaboration
   Categories      security
   App-Version     2.5.0
   NC min/max      24 / 27
                   Not-shipped (not included) App
   Created         2019-04-24T17:47:00.142761Z
   Last modified   2023-05-16T18:40:26.173686Z

Hope that helps,
much luck!

Hi ernolf,

thanks a lot for your information. I will download the app and try the functionality as soon.
I’ll send an feedback if i tryed.

Best regards!

Hello ernolf,
sorry for the late reply. I tried but it is not what we need. Unfortunately it does not work according to our ideas.
We will solve this now via internal usage policies.

Thanks for your help!