Nextcloud on webhosting questions

I am using nextcloud (in former times owncloud) for a few years on a raspberry pi
and there everything works fine, no problems. Now I reactivated my webspace and
installed nextcloud via php installer. It is running good, but if I go to options and
make the test, there is one yellow message (HSTS 15552000sec.) and a few black
messages (PHP Memcache, PHP, PHP OPCache mod not loaded, db not optimized,
imagick not installed, etc.) Is it possible, to get this messages away on a shared

And another thing is, if I edit the .htaccess for https redirect, after 24h the .htaccess
is overwritten and I can access my cloud through plain http again. Someone got a
hint for me, how to change it permant to https?

Many thanks in advance.


change your web hoster. get a vm.

which webhoster are you using? how much it cost?

It is Ionos, a very old unlimited/unlimited contract, 6€ / month.
So no chance to get it working there?

all messages are related to the “web server” setup. and you have no access to this. did you open a ticket at Ionos to aks them about a solution?

this messages are messages. it works anyway. maybe not optimal.

as far as i know https for that kind of web hosting is enabled through the provider console. (i only know hosteurope, strato).

3€/month, 2core/2gb/20gb; scaleway dev server. + 75gb s3 compatible storage for free.

Hi Jens,
I am also using nextcloud on a shared environment of ionos (1 and 1), and i don’t have the issue of https redirect. Don’t remember anymore where i set it up, but maybe i will look.
I also have some remarks in the settings page, but i think i can update some settings if i go directly to that folder through WinSCP. fol example /homepage/12/d12121212/htdocs/nextcloud/ (where you need to replace the 12 with your own folder)