Nextcloud on VestaCP


I would like to ask if anyone has successfully installed nextcloud as a web service on Vesta Control Panel with its own domain, DNS record, DB, etc.

If so please guide as to the ideal practice.

Hi has anyone tried this

Hi fab,

I tried installing Nextcloud using VestaCP two weeks ago, but it was a mess. I completely reinstalled everything with Ubuntu 16.04, Apache 2.4, PHP 7 and MariaDB 10.2.13 on a Time4VPS Storage Server for a team of roughly 40 persons.
Runs way better in my opinion.

Problems I had with VestaCP (I don’t know about the template you posted though):

  • VestaCP comes with PHP 5.5 (at least the version that time4vps uses), nextcloud needs at least 5.6, so you have to update that via SSH
  • Softaculous (which I managed to run on VestaCP) has a template for Nextcloud, however, it’s not included in the free version
  • there were many settings I had to change (i.e. to change bandwidth limits for the admin account, SSL related issues, …) that were mostly straight-forward, but some of them were pretty ugly to solve
    ==> all i all, I found it more comfortable to use some tutorials of to set up my Ubuntu Server and the Nextcloud Documentation to install Nextcloud and migrate my old data.

However, I would be interested if somebody managed to use VestaCP + Nextcloud successfully (preferably with free software).

Installation via Snap would be a nice alternative - but I have no experience so far:

Best Regards,