Nextcloud on the Mac

Does Nextcloud on the Mac actually work? I install it, get a “Success” message, then nothing. Clicking on the app does nothing, but System Prefs / Extensions shows it’s installed on Finder. There’s no “Nextcloud” folder under Finder though. Restart doesn’t help either.

Mac OS: 10.13.6
Mextcloud: Nextcloud-


Hmm, not sure what the problem was, but after about two hours the NC icon finally appeared on my taskbar. Must’ve got lost somewhere …

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@GeoffP – Congratulations, first report and first solution. A good start in this forum, I guess.

Please find a virtual symbol of my sympathy as a heart :heart: to your own reply above.

IMHO this report looks quite funny and as if you just forgot to mention the very basic task of a setup and providing the usual account data to the NC desktop App, I presume.

Please note you may find a link to this docs in the ‘General’ view of the a.m. App.

Good luck.

When finding true issues, please consider to drop something into the NC 2.6.2 bucket list, if I may.

Happy hacking.